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Our HORSES are the true stars of Horses of Hope/Caballos de Esperanza Inc. They are specifically chosen and trained to be safe, capable, therapy partners. Our horses connect to our riders through unspoken trust and understanding. They are more than just training and therapy horses; they are family. And every day we work to be sure that we are showing them the same generosity of spirit, quality of care, and compassion they so deserve.



Our team also includes amazing volunteers and staff. All have expertise, training, and total dedication to making the experience for each client a journey of hope, healing and empowerment. We have many volunteer opportunities available. If you are interested in helping miracles happen, please contact us.


Our Executive Director, Victor BalaguerVictor joined Horses of Hope/ Caballos de Esperanza in July 2023. He brings experience growing grassroots organizations and a background in Social Work. He holds a Master's in Community Development from University of New Hampshire and is a co-founder of Brigada Solidaria del Oeste ( A community based organization based in San Germàn which assistance to people affected by natural disasters).

Our Program Director, Elaine Cosby, is uniquely qualified to bring the highest quality therapeutic equine services to our community. She is a Therapeutic Riding Instructor (CTRI), an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning (ESMHL), and a qualified provider of Equine Services 4 Heroes, working with veterans and their families with equine-assisted activities. These certifications were earned through the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International (PATH, Int’l), which has the highest safety and practice standards in the world.

Elaine is also a nationally certified speech language pathologist and has been practicing for the past 22 years. Before moving to Puerto Rico, she was on faculty at Western Michigan University where she taught both graduate and undergraduate courses, specializing in cognitive and social learning, animal-assisted therapy and trauma therapy.

She has been involved in equine-assisted learning, as well as training both horses and riders here in Puerto Rico for the past decade. In 2013-2014, she spent seven months in St. Lucia where she helped develop and fund an equine-assisted therapy program for children with cerebral palsy and other developmental disorders. Since returning to Puerto Rico she has had many successes using horses to help adults and children with autism, as well as people with dementia, PTSD, cognitive-linguistic disorders, speech problems, visual and hearing deficits, and attention and mood disorders.


Our board members bring experience and knowledge in a wide range of disabilities and therapies, facilities management, accounting, customer relations, online marketing and site maintenance, horse ownership and equine health education, trauma therapy, veterans' concerns, and connection to the community. All are 100% committed to creating a facility and organization that brings hope and healing through horses to northwest Puerto Rico.

We currently have openings on our Board of Directors. If you are interested in helping make miracles happen, please contact us.


With gratitude we recognize and honor the horses who served our clients but are no longer with us.




Chocolate was our first horse in Puerto Rico, our "heart horse," and our first therapy horse, even before Horses of Hope formally existed. He was an amazingly gentle being who could connect with nearly any client, any volunteer, no matter what they brought to the arena. He taught us so much. He is sorely missed by riders and volunteers. His memory and legacy live on in every client lesson. His is an "old soul" and his spirit lives on at Horses of Hope, connecting us and helping each other always.

Cas was a very special horse. For him, the "grass was always greener" even if it was just 2 feet away. He was full of spunk, adventure, intelligence, and willingness and love for work. To all those who loved him - groomed him, bathed him, rode him, walked him, and just gazed at his beauty and felt his spirit - may you continue to hold him in your heart as the amazing being he was. And the wonderful spirit he still is.




Kiowa was an older horse who came from a dear friend to spend his last days with Horses of Hope. He was only with us a short time and spent very little time with clients. He quickly became a favorite with the volunteers who cared for him. A sweet, gentle horse, he's now grazing peacefully in the pasture of his dreams.



Boo was our go-to small horse. Sweet with a little spicy playfulness, Boo was a great horse for smaller riders. He won over kids who started out terrified of any horse, and he was always willing to participate in fun and silliness with our youngest clients. Originally rescued by Defensa Animales de Puerto Rico, he joined our herd in 2021 and he quickly won over many hearts, including Jeniffer, one of our wonderful volunteers. The two of them had a very special bond. He started developing seizures in 2023 and by August, it was apparent we could not keep him safe and the difficult decision was made to euthanize him. His passing left a hole in the herd and in the hearts of volunteers and riders. He is missed by all who worked with him. He lives on in the hearts of all who knew him.

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