Online Auction

18 November - 23 December, 2020

We are holding a fall fundraising ON-LINE AUCTION. Our goal is to raise $20,000.


We planned a major fundraiser for March, 2020, but like so many things, the event was cancelled  due to the pandemic. We were closed with no clients for five months. During that time, we were so blessed to have resources to maintain our horses and facilities.


As we move toward the new year, we are open again (with certain COVID-19 restrictions and limitations). We need your HELP NOW!

How can you help?

This link will take you to the online auction, hosted on Ebay. Browse the donated items and services. Then bid! Unlike voting, here you can bid early, you can bid often, you can bid as many times on as many things as you like! Many items are not limited just to Puerto Rico but are available to send anywhere. You can also donate any item of value: list it yourself or we will do it for you.

EVERY DOLLAR raised will be used to help boost our scholarship fund and to provide needed facility improvements as well as supplies and care for the horses, volunteers, and students who give so much to our community.

Yunque & Jibaron

We are committed to providing services for  ALL individuals - including those who cannot afford to pay for services.


We hope to serve more than 200 clients per year. In order to accomplish this, we need funding for individuals who do not have the means to pay for services.


Sponsors who donate are giving a gift of hope to individuals who need it most, and deserve our services.


Scholarship donations can be any amount. Below is a list of scholarship options.  To sponsor a specific individual, please include their name in the memo. 

* Group lesson     ** Private lesson

KT & Chocolate

Make a General Scholarship donation in any amount

We currently have a herd of four superb equines, (three are rescues) - Chocolate, KT, Yunque, and Jibaron. Keeping our horses healthy and happy so they can work at their best is our top priority.

Daily each horse is fed, watered, exercised, groomed, and given time to graze in our pastures at the farm near our center. In addition, they all have regular health checks, visits from the farrier (to trim and shoe their hooves) and veterinary costs for vaccinations and other health care. 
The average cost is $100/mo, per horse. We hope to serve more than 200 clients per year, and sponsoring a horse helps make miracles happen by. Please consider sponsoring a horse. 
Donations can be made via PayPal, ATH Movil, cash, OR check or money order made payable to Horses of Hope / Caballos de Esperanza Inc. We are also in need of equipment, supplies and services. For questions or to learn more, contact us by calling 269-267-5010, via email at, or through our Facebook page. GRACIAS!

Wish List for Equipment and Services

  • 2 Wagons

  • Ladders (step and extension)

  • Solar electric fence chargers

  • ¼” polyrope for electric fencing

  • T-posts (5’ and 6’)

  • 2 Shovels

  • 3 Manure rakes

  • Buckets, barrels (25 gal., 10 gal, 5 gal)

  • Grooming brushes

  • Horse feed (grain) – 50 lb. bags

  • Fence building

  • Land clearing

  • Welding and horse trailer repair

  • Metal working – for shipping container renovation

  • Architectural engineering – construction project plan and estimate

  • Gas weed whacker

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